Plumbing leaks can develop for many reasons, but they can often be prevented if you take proper measures. Understanding these steps to avoid household plumbing leaks will help you take better care of your home and avoid expensive repair bills.

How to Avoid Household Plumbing Leaks

While some leaks in your pipes and plumbing fixtures are relatively minor, others can result in water flooding into your home. Because a minor leak is more difficult to detect, taking preventative measures for all types of leaks is important. Water damage, mold growth, and high water bills are some of the more common consequences of plumbing leaks.

1. Protect Pipes in the Crawlspace

If your crawlspace is not well-insulated, insulate the pipes in this area. While the area below your home won’t get as cold as outside, freezing temperatures in the crawlspace are possible. Exposed pipes in the crawlspace can freeze, and frozen pipes can burst. Avoid household plumbing leaks in the crawlspace by wrapping the pipes in foam insulation. For extra protection, insulate the entire crawlspace.

2. Schedule Water Heater Maintenance Annually

Water heater maintenance service is an important part of your annual home maintenance plan. With this service, a licensed plumber checks that hoses and other connectors are well-maintained and that the entire system is in good condition. He or she will also flush the tank to get rid of sediment. Any signs of wear can be properly remedied before they become a risk for a leak.

3. Focus on the Washing Machine

Washing machine leaks can cause significant damage in a short period of time. Install an electric moisture sensor in your laundry room that will shut the appliance off if a leak is detected. Check the hoses and connections periodically to make sure there are no cracks or excess moisture. If the hoses are cracked or worn, it’s time to replace them.

4. Look Under the Sink

Leaking pipes underneath bathroom and kitchen sinks sometimes go undetected. Get into the habit of regularly checking under the sinks for moisture. Motion-activated lights in the cabinets will help you see leaks more easily. Placing a small basin directly underneath the exposed pipes is another option for preventing water damage.

While there are many causes of plumbing leaks throughout the home, these steps can help you to avoid household plumbing leaks and protect your home against water-related damage.

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