If you’re thinking about ways you can improve your home security, you are not alone. With the busy holiday season approaching quickly, now is a perfect time to evaluate what steps to take to keep your family safe from home invasion and other crimes. According to statistics, a home burglary or invasion takes place in America every 18 seconds. If you would like to take measures to prevent a home burglary, here are five things you can do to improve your home security.

Use Light Timers

If you are going to be away from home for an extended period, timers and smart technology can improve your home security. Instead of letting your home ‘go dark’ while you’re away, timers and smart technology let you turn the lights in your home on and off. To outsiders (and potential criminals) this gives the appearance that everything is normal inside your home.

Most burglars prefer easy targets, so they’ll move on to a more vulnerable home that appears to be empty. Other precautions you can take to protect your home while away include halting newspaper and mail deliveries or asking a trusted neighbor to collect these items until you get back.

Inspect Locks And Latches

The harder you make it for criminals to enter your home, the better. Improve your home security by inspecting all possible entrance points into your home. If you find that a lock or latch that is loose or could easily be broken, get it replaced. Don’t forget about locks on windows because burglars often enter that way.

A cheap way to keep a sliding glass door from being opened is by placing a piece of fitted wood along the closed track to prevent the door from opening. You might also consider adding deadbolts or electronic locks on main entry points in your home for added security and safety.

Install Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are an affordable way to improve your home security. For maximum safety, motion detectors can get installed in the interior of your home and throughout the exterior of your property. When motion gets detected, a bright light activates to deter the intruder from his plan. Some motion detectors include surveillance cameras to record the event and capture images and video of the intruder.

Use Security Cameras to Improve Your Home Security

Wired and wireless surveillance security cameras are a great addition to your home. Security and surveillance cameras improve your home security by capturing and recording activities in your driveway, property lines, and outbuildings like detached garages or sheds. Installing surveillance cameras gets rid of ‘blind spots’ on your property, offering a higher level of protection.

A security camera installed near your front door offers double protection. First, if someone is at your door, you can see who is there before opening it. Secondly, if you’re like most Americans, you order items and have them shipped to your door. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, unprotected packages are often stolen from a front porch.

Modern security systems let you view the footage from your security cameras on your smartphone so whether you are on vacation or just upstairs, you can see what is going on in any part of the home.

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