During the winter, working on outdoor home projects is tough due to risks like slippery ice and hypothermia. But that doesn’t mean you need to stop working on the house altogether. Working on various improvement projects helps keep the home in great condition and improve its value. Here are 5 winter home improvement projects that will keep you busy and make your home more attractive and comfortable.

1. Decluttering

Decluttering is often one of the simplest projects yet many people tend to ignore it. Decluttering a home means going through the stuff at home and choosing what is needed and what isn’t.

The first step in decluttering is sorting out what you want to keep and what you no longer need. Then donate or dispose of the unwanted items and find specific places to store the items that you decide to keep. Each item should have a designated spot and always be put back in the same place after use.

2. Repainting

Repainting the interior of the house is one of the best facelift projects. A fresh coat of paint makes the home feel new, whether it is the same color or a different color. In the winter, your home feels darker due to the weather and shorter days, so consider brightening it up with a more vibrant color.

Even just painting one wall of a room as an accent can have a profound effect. When choosing your interior paint, look for a zero VOC option. Since you won’t want to be opening your windows much, a zero or low VOC choice is better for your indoor air quality.

3. Floor Overhaul

If you are looking for a more major home project, consider upgrading your floors. Options include ripping up old carpet and replacing with laminate flooring, restoring old hardwood floors, or installing fresh carpet or tile, just to name a few. This project is best completed over a weekend when you can dedicate most of your time to finish the job.

4. Insulation

An adequately insulated home does not leak air and retains the heat better. The homeowner owner spends less money on heating bills since the house does not lose heat. The easiest place to check the insulation is in the attic. Insulation can deteriorate if it gets wet or even just from age. Laying additional insulation in the attic can make a big difference when keeping your home warm this winter. Just be sure to be careful and wear protective gear because it can irritate your eyes, nose, throat, and skin.

5. Bathroom Upgrades

The options for winter home improvement projects for the bathroom are almost endless. They can vary from small upgrades like getting a new shower curtain or towel hook to larger projects like re-grouting or replacing the tile. Installing WaterSense fixtures and toilets can save you considerable money on your water bill.

If you are looking for winter home improvement projects to complete while it is cold and snowy outside, choose from the above options based on your skill level and budget.

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